Deck Power Washing and Staining

A deck adds beauty and increases the value of your home.  For that reason alone you need to maintain it.  As with anything else, it takes a certain amount of knowledge to know when and how to maintain your deck.

Not all decks have to be stained yearly.  Through some simple testing we can provide you with the knowledge of what steps need to be taken to protect your deck.  Your deck may only need to be cleaned this year.

By inspecting your deck we can advise you if any repairs are needed (to replace cracked, split, or rotten boards). In our repairs, we use treated, cedar, or redwood boards (whatever is needed for the job).

The following is our process for staining decks.  After inspection of the deck, fence or gazebo, a written proposal is prepared and explained to the customer.  If repairs are required, they are completed.  After any repairs to your deck, fence or gazebo, a cleaner is applied, scrubbed and power washed off.  All efforts are made to protect your house and landscaping.  After this cleaning process, your deck, fence or gazebo is left to dry; usually 2-3 days.  We return and restain and seal your deck, fence or gazebo with the color you selected from the Sherwin Williams chart.  Before we begin the staining, we sand and renail/rescrew any loose boards we are able to see and we protect your home and gardens with tarps.   Our staining procedure is applied with an airless sprayer and back rolled to even out the color.  Usually 2-3 coats of stain and sealer are applied.  In some cases, where needed, we apply a slip resistant product to the deck area.  After staining and sealing is complete, the deck is useable in 24 hours.