House Washing

The outside of your house is what everybody sees first.  At C. Guenther Deck Restoration and PowerWashing we take pride and interest in every job we do.  All our customers are important but the most important one is the one we are powerwashing now.

Each and every job that we powerwash is carefully looked at with the customer and we explain what will and will not come clean (ex. stain or burn marks) may not be removable.

Our powerwashing service is done at eye level.  This means that where and when required, we use ladders to see what we’re cleaning.  Most everything comes off of vinyl siding with the exception of the little black dots which are fly and spider deposits.  Don’t let anybody fool you into thinking they have a secret cleaning solution to get rid of it because it impregnates your siding and it does not come out if it’s been on for a long time.

Our process for powerwashing vinyl is to apply a biodegradable cleaner.  We let it work into the area and then scrub by hand with a brush and powerwash and rinse down.  There are no special formulas for cleaning vinyl except what Mom used to tell you, “scrub with soap and water”.    By using ladders we can direct our powerwashing wands where we need to be.  Cleaning up high cannot be accomplished at ground level.  Also, from the ground, damage to siding occurs by the use of too much pressure to get to higher areas.  This high pressure separates your siding panels and the next wind storm your siding is missing.

Most gutters will come clean when we remove the black mold and oxidation which you see on them.  Again, we use a biodegradable solution and elbow grease to clean your gutters.  If gutters are old and badly stained, that may not all come out, but they are clean.